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If you're a dedicated player with ambitious goals, GGT is designed specifically for you. It's not just regular training; GGT is a carefully designed program for top-level soccer players who are looking to take their skills to an advanced level.

Led by renowned player development expert James Galanis, GGT combines exceptional coaching 🌍🏆, advanced training methods 💪, and an exclusive environment with like-minded peers.

At GGT, you'll maximize your potential, refine your skills, build confidence and pave the way to play at the highest level. ⚽🔥


(Ages U10-U18) | Max 8 Students Per Class

What Can You Expect from GGT?

  • World-Class Coaching: Learn from James Galanis, a globally recognized player development expert, who has shaped Professional Players, Olympic, and World Cup Champions.🌟

  • Advanced Training Techniques: Explore cutting-edge methods to push your limits and master elite soccer skills.💡

  • Exclusivity: GGT is invite-only, guaranteeing a dedicated and focused group committed to excellence.🚀

  • Skill Enhancement: Hone and refine your soccer skills for top-level proficiency.⚽

  • Committed Players: Train with highly ambitious individuals who share your passion for soccer.👥

  • Transformation: Expect personal growth and reaching your full soccer potential with GGT.🌱

GGT Curriculum Outline

In each training session, Coach Galanis selects different skill topics for our curriculum. 📋👟 Students delve into the mechanics of each skill, gaining a deep understanding before applying their improved skills in controlled settings and then progress to game-speed scenarios, ensuring a comprehensive and effective learning experience. 🔄⚽💡

  • Dribble with Elusiveness: Elevate your dribbling skills to a level of exceptional elusiveness, showcasing quick footwork and intricate ball control that exploits space. 🚀👣
  • Foot-Skills: Perfect your foot skills, gaining the ability to outmaneuver opponents with ease, even in tight and congested areas of the field. ⚙️🦵
  • Efficient 1st Touch: Acquire the finesse of a precise first touch, setting the stage for your next move with seamless ball control that unlocks new possibilities on the field. 🙌🎯
  • Pass with Precision: Develop laser-like precision in your passing, ensuring that each pass finds its target with impeccable accuracy and finesse, enabling your team to maintain possession and execute plays flawlessly. 🎯🎩
  • Shoot with Power and Accuracy: Elevate your shooting efficiency to new heights, mastering the art of striking with both commanding power and surgical accuracy, making you a formidable goal-scoring threat on the pitch. 💥🥅⚡

Cost and Payments: 

  • Training session fee: $75 per hour. 💲⏰
  • Flexibility to attend sessions as frequently as desired. 💪📅
  • Payment on a per-session basis. 💲
  • Payment methods accepted: Venmo, Cash, or Check (made out to Universal Soccer Academy). 💳💵📝

Schedule and Confirming Attendance:

  • Training sessions scheduled on Friday evenings. 🌆📅
  • Accepted GGT participants receive a weekly email every Monday. 📧🗓️
  • Email extends an invitation to upcoming GGT sessions. 📩📆
  • If available, simply reply to the email to confirm attendance. ✅📝
  • If unavailable, no need to respond. 🚫📴
  • We reply with confirmed training times, typically at 5:30 PM, 6:30 PM, or 7:30 PM. 🕠🕡🕢

Uniform: 👕🩳

  • Before beginning this training, all students are required to purchase a uniform package, which includes a shirt, shorts, and socks, for a total cost of $60. ⚽👟


  • Champions Center, 1A Coleman Court, Southampton, NJ 08088 🏟️📍🌆

Application Process: 

Submit Your Application 📝

  • Start by completing the application form below. Your application is the first step to join our GGT program. 🌟

Evaluation Invitation 📅

  • Once we receive your application, our team will carefully review it. If it aligns with our program's objectives and requirements, you'll be invited to an evaluation session. This step is crucial to determine if GGT is the right fit for you. 🧐

Accepted into the GGT Player Pool 🎉

  • After a successful evaluation, you'll become a member of our GGT player pool. 🌟 This status gives you exclusive access to our program and guarantees regular invitation emails for upcoming classes. 💪⚽

Receive Invitation Emails 📧

  • Every week, you'll receive an email invitation to our upcoming GGT classes. ⚽🔥

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